Think You Can File for Divorce on Your Own? Consider These Questions First

If you are considering trying to file for divorce on your own, it is important to consider these questions first. Divorce litigation can be quite complicated without having a qualified lawyer by your side who can guide you through the process. It may be in your best interests to hire a divorce attorney to help make sure your rights are protected.

Question #1: Will you and your spouse be able to effectively communicate?

This is important to think about, especially if your current relationship with your spouse is not an amicable one. You do not want to have your spouse shut down on you and not willing to compromise without a third party to help mediate your conversations.

Question #2: Will one of you dominate divorce discussions, causing the other not to be heard?

You have to realize that you will be dealing with sensitive topics, including dividing up money, custody of your children, and spousal support. If you do not feel like you will be able to be heard or that your spouse will not take your wishes into consideration, it can be extremely helpful to have an attorney who can negotiate on your behalf.

Question #3: Are you really as familiar with your finances as you think?

It has been noted that over 80% of the issues that are involved in a divorce involve money. Oftentimes in a marriage, each spouse handles certain aspects of the finances but may be in the dark about other areas of expense. You will have to get yourself up to speed on all of the laws related to property division in divorce, get up to date on all of your assets, and understand what the tax implications are for your divorce. Having someone who knows the law and who can help you organize your financial information is vital to you getting the financial assets you need in the divorce.

Question #4: How much do you really understand family law?

Sure, you can read up on family law topics and attempt to understand them to the best of your ability, but are you an expert in it? Do you understand all of your rights and obligations under California family law? Oftentimes, people do not even understand their legal rights going into a divorce and they walk away with less than they deserve. Going about your divorce without the help of a lawyer who knows the law inside and out could be detrimental to your future.

Question #5: Can you fully trust your soon-to-be-ex?

Much of the time, each spouse will have their own objectives in a divorce. Both spouses may do everything in their power to make sure that their rights are upheld, even if it means lying or withholding information. If trust was breached during the marriage, there may be a good chance that there will be a lack of trustworthiness during the divorce as well. Having a lawyer who can bring a neutral perspective to your divorce proceeding could make all the difference in your case.

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