Things to Consider Before Finalizing Your Divorce

Whether you are the one that filed for the divorce or not, divorce can be emotional, stressful, and confusing for you and the entire family. At the Carson Law Group, we understand the anxiety and frustration you must feel during this time which is why our experienced Carlsbad divorce attorney has compiled a list of 5 things to consider before finalizing your divorce.

1.Don’t Try to “Win” Your Case

We understand you may be upset about what your spouse did or did not do during your marriage, but we implore you to understand you are not trying to “beat” your spouse. When we try to untangle the lives of two people who have been together for many years, there are seldom winners. Divorce generally involves issues such as child support, child custody, spousal support, and property division. Instead, approach your divorce as a collaborative project our compassionate Carlsbad divorce attorney is guiding you and your spouse through.

2.Remember Your Kids Aren’t Divorcing Your Spouse

Just think, if you are having emotional trouble through your divorce, your children are likely also struggling. While we understand you may be upset with your spouse, they are still a parent to your children. Try to refrain from saying hurtful things about your spouse in front of your children. Divorce can be a significant change for your children, which is why we highly suggest you and your spouse develop a plan for how you expect to manage their lives. Will they be able to remain at the same school? What about staying in the same house? If you and your spouse find it difficult to get along during these discussions, our qualified family law attorney can be a neutral third party.

3.Develop a Plan

If you and your spouse are considering legal separation or divorce, you should consult an experienced Carlsbad divorce attorney to help you devise a plan on how you plan to split custody, raise the children, and divide the property. Together we can help you develop a short-term and long-term plan.

4.Consider Your Finances

You may also want to discuss the financial impact your divorce may have on your assets with your attorney. Common assets to consider:

  • Insurance Coverages (Medical and Life Insurance)
  • Your Credit Score
  • Bank Accounts
  • Property and Other Assets

5.Be Honest With Your Attorney

In order for our attorney to provide you with the best legal solutions for your divorce, it is imperative you provide us with all of the facts. Never try to hide assets from the judge or your attorney, eventually, they will come out in the end. Disclose all information regarding your income, assets and debts. Judges could impose serious penalties to spouses who purposely hide or alter information.

Let Us Help You

At the Carson Law Group, we are deeply invested in providing every single one of our clients with a personalized strategic legal guide to navigating them through their divorce. Our compassionate Carlsbad family law attorney can help you move forward.

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