5 Thing You Should Not Do During Your Divorce

After years of experience representing families going through a divorce, our Carlsbad divorce attorney has compiled a list of what not to do during your divorce. At the Carson Law Group, we understand how emotionally turbulent this time can be for some people. Most couples are processing a huge shift in their lives and it can leave them vulnerable to making irrational mistakes they usually would never make. Continue reading for a list of the top 5 things not to do during your divorce.

1. Never Disregard Your Children’s Feelings

If you are emotionally distraught, confused, and angry during this time think of how your children must feel. Their family unit, the support system they have grown up depending on, is falling apart and most children will struggle to process this. Talking about the divorce will be hard, but don’t disregard their feelings or try to sweep everything under the rug. Doing so will lead to a better relationship with your children in the long run.

2. Don’t Keep Your Children From Your Spouse

No matter how angry you may be at your spouse, never use custody of your children as a weapon over your spouse. Remember, you may be divorcing you spouse, but your children are not. Make sure to provide time for them to spend with the other parent and never talk negatively about your spouse in front of your children.

3. Don’t Lie To Your Attorney

The best way to end up with an unfavorable outcome in your divorce proceedings is to lie to your attorney. Many people think they may be clever at hiding their assets, but know that your spouse’s attorney will be searching for any information that could possibly defame you or paint you in a negative light. For example, if you have a rental property in Arizona that you had prior to your marriage, make sure to disclose this information to your Carlsbad divorce attorney. Failure to do so could mean the asset could be brought up by your spouses’ attorney. They could present your intentional concealment as evidence of poor character.

4. Don’t Post Nasty Things About Your Spouse on Social Media

This rule goes back to the above mention of defamation. While it may feel cathartic to post rants and raves about all the negative events that occurred during your marriage, we implore you to refrain. Any posts you make on social media can and will be used against you.

5. Take Everyone’s Advice With a Grain of Salt

It’s only natural to want to seek out the counsel of trusted family members, friends, and other divorcees during your divorce. We understand the need to vent your problems to your friends, but remember to take every piece of advice with a grain of salt. In our years of practicing family law, our founding Carlsbad divorce attorney, Janet L. Carson has seen hundreds of divorce cases and not a single one was the same. Remember only you and your spouse can make educated decisions on your divorce terms.

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